Shortcuts in Excel

Knowing Excel shortcuts is one of the features that can save you hours every week, provided you use Excel a lot. Beside very typical and well known like CTRL+C and CTRL+V there are dozens of other. There is no other way to remember all of them than practising. At my previous work I was amazed how my manager was skilled in using shortcuts. Finally I found somebody who knew them better than I do. For the beginning I provide a short list of those I find most useful in everyday typical analyst work.

CTRL+SPACE    - Select the entire column.
SHIFT+SPACE   - Select the entire row.
CTRL+PGUP     - Go to next sheet.
CTRL+PGDN     - Go to previous sheet.
CTRL+E+S      - Paste special dialog, adding another 
                letter will invoke one of 
                paste special options.
CTRL+1        - Display format cell box.
CTRL+-/+      - Delete/Add selected cells.
CTRL+9        - Hide column or row.
CTRL+d/r      - Fill the cells down/right.
SHIFT+F2      - Insert / Edit a cell comment.
F4            - Inside the formula if pressed in cell 
                reference it fixes one of its parameters,
                e.g., changes A1 to $A$1 or $A1 or A$1.
CTRL+G        - Display GoTo dialog box.
ALT+↓         - When pressed with selection on 
                a filter it expands the selection box.

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