Defringe: Capture One 9 vs. Lightroom 4

I just got a new camera and lens. As my old Lightroom 4 cannot deal with the AWR raw files I decided to try something else. I did not want to switch my workflow to Linux so I decided to try Capture One 9. On one of the very first pictures I tried to process I noticed a horrible purple fringe. Unfortunately the software was not able to deal with it. I exported the image to 16bit tiff, and opened it in my old Lightroom 4. To my surprise it dealt with the horrible fringe quite well. For reference please see the image below, from left Lightroom 4, Capture One 9, and the original image.

I guess I will have to upgrade to Lightroom 6, but before I do that I will have a look at Darktable and see if it is worth switching to Linux.

UPDATE: I was asked if I have enabled “Lens Profile” in Capture One. I have not done it manually. The profile displayed was Manufacturer Profile, which according to

Some manufacturers supply enough data in the RAW file that we can use to also correct for lens errors.

For example Sony, Micro 4/3rds cameras and Fuji Cameras.

So, it was enabled automatically. Disabling it did not change anything.

Defringing: Lightroom 4 vs. Capture One 9 Pro

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